• ZOJE ZJ1900DHS-3-04-V4-TP

ZOJE ZJ1900DHS-3-04-V4-TP

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Bartacking machine ZJ1900DHS-3-04-V4-TP is 1-needle, industrial sewing machine designed for sewing heavy materials. Bartacking machine has 15 pre-programmed stitches and bartack programming functions.

ZJ1900DHS-3-04-V4-TP is a professional sewing machine sewing with a maximum speed of 3000 stitches per minute. The machine is equipped with a number of automatic functions: automatic needle positioning, automatic thread cutting, automatic presser foot lift (13-17 mm) and automatic thread deflector. Sewing machine with central lubrication system.

Automatic bartacker

Bartacking machine ZJ1900DHS-3-04-V4-TP is standard equipped with a 20 x 4.5 mm buckle, which allows you to get a 18 mm bartack and use 15 preset patterns. The use of clamps available as an option - 21x5.1 mm, 27x5 mm, 10x4.5 mm, 5.6x23 mm, 2x20 mm, 20x40 mm - allows you to use the programmed 100 patterns of bartack and stitching.

Modern sewing machine

The bartacking machine ZJ1900DHS-3-04-V4-TP was equipped with an energy-saving AC SERVO motor. The control box and the motor are built into the head.

The machine has a modern touch panel that allows for quick access to sewing parameters and saved patterns. The touch control panel allows you to easily create your own bolt and stitching valves. The touch control panel also allows you to easily create your own patterns. This panel is equipped with a USB port with which you can transfer built-in and created templates from other machines in VDT, DXF, DTS / DSB, B / BA and PAT formats. Thanks to this, a file created on one device can be quickly and conveniently implemented on another.